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9th Apr

Do you want to get your COVID vaccine?

Are you 50 or over and live in Hackney or the City of London?

Have you been unable to get your first dose of covid vaccine?

If yes to the above, please come to a special walk-in event at

John Scott Vaccination Centre on 11th April, 8:30 am to 6 pm.


No appointment is needed.

It will be first come first served so we cannot guarantee you will be

vaccinated but please come early and we will try our best to see

everyone as quickly as possible.


Please note this event is for first dose vaccinations only


What will I need?


We will be able to see you more quickly if you have your NHS number to hand.

You can find this in advance here:



How to find the John Scott Vaccination Centre

The John Scott Vaccination Centre is at 220 Green Lanes,

N4 2NU.



John Scott Health Centre

220 Green Lanes

Woodberry Down


N4 2NU

There are limited parking and drop off facilities.

19th Mar

Ramadan and the covid-19 vaccine

Ramadan is due to start on the evening of Monday 12 April 2021 and we urge our Muslim patients not to delay having their Covid-19 vaccine – first or second dose – during the holy month.

The British Islamic Medical Association has reviewed the analysis of Islamic scholars and confirmed that having the vaccine does not invalidate the fast. The vaccine does not contain pork or other animal, foetal or alcohol products - this reflects the advice of the majority of Islamic scholars that it is permissible.‚Äč If you are still unsure whether you should have a vaccine during Ramadan, please speak to your local Imam for guidance.

If you are taking prescribed medicines, you should continue taking them during Ramadan, but check with your GP if the doses need to be adjusted or the times that you take them need to be changed.

If you have diabetes and want to fast, please speak to your GP or diabetes nurse about the safest way to do this. Remember that there is an exemption for people with diabetes, especially if you’re on insulin or have any medical complications.

15th Mar

Interested in becoming a Public Health Champion?

Do you live, work or study in the City of London and/or Hackney? Would you like to help to stop the spread of COVID-19? The City & Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group is looking for people interested in becoming Public Health Community Champions. 

As a Community Champion you will be sharing with your own networks (friends, family, colleagues and neighbours) up to date public health messages related to COVID-19. 

You will be receiving regular updates that you can then just forward on the platforms of your preference; e.g. WhatsApp, email, social media etc. 

What it involves

This role is very flexible and can be easily adjusted to fit your schedule. You will receive ongoing support from Volunteer Centre Hackney and the City and Hackney Public Health Team and you will have the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns via email and on online volunteer forums. 

How to get involved

To get involved, please sign up here to become a City and Hackney Public Health Community Champion!

You can also help spread the word and let more people know about this opportunity to become City and Hackney Public Health Community Champions just by sharing the CCG's posts on Facebook and Twitter

We all have a role to play in combating misinformation spreading in our communities. 

We can’t wait to welcome you to the champions team! 

5th Mar

Welcome to our new website - feedback welcome

We hope you find this website simple to use. If you have any problems finding information or if you have any suggestions for improvements,  let us know. You can use this form.

24th Feb

New Health and Wellbeing Coach service now available

Worried about your health and wellbeing? Are you living with or concerned about developing a health condition?

Health Coaches help you to take charge by
  • Listening to what’s important to you.
  • Helping you to build confidence, knowledge and skills to take care of your health and wellbeing.

  • Working with you to find reliable information and activities.

  • Connecting you with people who have similar experiences.


Coaches offer support in person, by phone or online
  •  One-to-one support to get to know what works for you, your hopes and goals and what’s stopping you from taking steps forward, without judgement.
  • Support to get active, eat well, protect your emotional wellbeing, find or reconnect with interests and support networks.

  • Help to find advice or guidance for practical day-to-day issues.

  • Work with your healthcare team, complementing your existing support.


This is a Free Service open to anyone registered with a GP in City and Hackney over the age of 18. You can refer yourself or ask your GP or healthcare worker to refer you.

Not sure if the service can help you? Request a call back for a chat and to find the right support for you.